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Make More Margin was founded by Ken Simpson who has over 4 decades of retail experience.  A hugely successful manager that migrated into the head office environment.  Ken delivered significant improvements in store operating standards…

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Whilst cash flow is the main interest of your bank manager, it is vital for your businesses future that your sales are profitable.

Against a back drop of increased costs – National Minimum wage is about to become the Living Wage, Business Rates, Insurance, Pension Contributions, Utility Costs, Shrinkage, online competition the squeeze on your bottom line is getting harder and harder.

Make More Margin will review your profit margins and cost lines and suggest ways of helping your business to become more profitable.

We work with you, in your business at regular intervals, to ensure that you gain the

maximum benefit from our Mentoring and Consultancy Service.

Of course the simple way to improving your profitability is to put your prices up, but in increasingly competitive markets, this is not always possible.

Call us now on  07831 668647 or email  info@makemoremargin.com  for more information.